Saturday, May 19, 2012

Crochet Headband

I was working on a knit/crochet top and it wasn't coming out exactly the way I had hoped. I had crocheted a band for the bottom of the top and decided that maybe fabric would look better for the waist section of the top. I hated to waste the work I had already done. So, I thought the band could be used as a headband. It looks really cute on the mannequin head, but will I actually wear it? Not sure...

Repurposed Sweat Pants

My mom gave me a pair of old red sweat pants. I've been really getting into sewing knits, so I thought they'd be perfect for making a pair of play pants for my son. I used Dana's kid pants with pockets tutorial and decided to use some scrap plaid fabric for the insides of the pockets just for fun.