Friday, December 9, 2011

Recycled Gift Tags

 If you're like me, and you save every gift bag (including the tissue paper) that you're ever given, then you probably haven't had to buy gift wrappings for at least 5 years! Yes, I get teased for saving every little bow and scrap of ribbon I find. But you never know when you will be able to use it. It's not just that I am cheap,but I feel so guilty about throwing things away when they are in good condition. My mom and I pass the same gift bags and bows back and forth every year until they get too raggedy to use anymore.The worst for me, was throwing away stacks of Christmas cards every year. As much as we would like to save every card from every family member on every occasion, we just can't. My husband already jokes that I am a hoarder! So I save the ones with cute shapes or designs that can be cut out and used as gift tags. I got this idea a long time ago, from my aunt. I'm not sure where she saw the idea, but she would cut them out and tape them to the package. It was so much more fun than ordinary gift tags. I later found a way to make it work for those gift bags that no longer have a tag. Simply punch a hole in the shape, about an inch or two from the edge, and then cut from the edge to the hole, and you can hang it from the cord handle of the bag. You can also use a little piece of tape for extra security if you are worried the tag will fall off. Dress them up with a little glitter or puffy paint to make them even more fun. This idea works for any occasion...birthdays,showers...etc. There is also a cool tutorial on how to make money and gift card holders out of old grocery bags at Blah to Tada. And for a great way to wrap a present without wrapping paper, try this idea- Eco-Christmas from Claire at Blah to Tada.

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