Friday, January 13, 2012

Mitten Tethers

I love toddler coats that have built-in mitten tethers. I think all kid's coats should come with these. And all mittens should have little loops attached. With my first son, I didn't have to worry about him taking off his mittens and losing them. He was pretty good about keeping them on. My second son (the little stinker) loves to take his off when I'm not looking, and drop them who knows where. I don't have time to backtrack across Walmart to find them. So I made these tethers from cotton tape and sew-on snaps. I sewed little loops to the store-bought mittens, and I knitted I-cords to the handmade ones. Another way to make loops for the knitted mittens, would be the crochet a small chain and attach it. You can use ribbon, or any narrow strip of material to make the tether. I could have just bought some trusty elastic mitten clips, but I already had these supplies around my house, and I needed them in time for this recent snowfall.

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