Saturday, November 5, 2011

Costumes of Halloween Past

 I know Halloween is over, but I wanted to get these costumes documented for future reference. Last year's costumes were some of my favorites. For a Halloween party, I got a great idea for a Raven costume from Martha Stewart. I don't think the host of the party liked me too much when I left though, cause I left feathers all over his house! Oops!You can find the Raven here. For Trick-or-Treat with the kids, I got a fun family costume idea from Parents magazine. My baby was a hot dog and I was a hot dog vendor. My older son had asked to be french fries (his favorite food) so it worked out perfect. To complete the look, I had my mom ( such a good sport) dress as a fountain pop. No way in the world,  would my husband have walked around the neighborhood in this get-up! You can find the hot dog and vendor here. To make the fry costume, I used an old diaper box, cut out holes for the arms and head, and decorated it with poster board. I used  yellow fleece and stuffing to make the fries.  My mom's costume was a felt tunic that was pinned together (too lazy to sew) and a paper plate covered with wax paper. The straw was made out of a paper towel roll.  I attached a headband to her headpiece.
  When Aiden was 3, he was totally obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba. He wanted to be Muno, a big red cyclopes. But at the time, the show wasn't really popular yet, so there were not many Gabba costumes around. I did see a DJ Lance, Foofa, and Brobee costume, but no Muno. I found some red fleece and just traced a pair of pjs onto it. I had to sew the costume by hand because it was before I had a sewing machine.t When Aiden saw the costume, it was worth all the work. I used fabric glue to attach the red pompoms. When sewing the huge eyeball to the headpiece, I added some stuffing to give it more dimension.
  One of my favorite classic horror movies is The Birds . I saw a costume on Roseanne many years ago, where Darlene was dressed up as the main character from the movie. So I got an idea to make a costume like that in 2007. I searched high and low to find fake birds, but for some reason I had a hard time finding a lot in the same color. So I decided to use all different types of birds. I found some with clips attached, and they stuck perfectly to my nylons. It looked like the birds were attacking my leg. I used a huge crow for the top of my head. I had to end up sewing it, because the hot glue was not strong enough. I wasn't able to find an outfit exactly like Tippi's from the movie, but I did find something appropriate at the thrift store.If you look closely, you will see I added some birds to my shoe. The year after, I saw that Party City was selling a Birds costume, but I thought mine was more fun. :)


My husband makes a great Nosferatu!

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