Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Pinwheels are really easy to do. They make a cute outdoor decoration for backyard parties, or a nice table decoration in a vase. And best of all, the kids get to play with them!
Here's how I do pinwheels:
double-sided scrapbook paper
push pin
pinwheel kit, or a straw and a small brad

Step 1.  Cut a square (mine is about 6 x 6)
Step 2.   Lightly draw a line from corner to corner, across the square. Repeat from other corners.
Step 3.     Cut along lines, being careful to stop about 1/2 in. -3/4 in.  from the center.
Step 4.   Start at the top left corner and gently bend toward the center. Repeat with each left corner.

Step 5.    use the push pin to poke a hole in each corner (not too close to the edge) and through the back.
Step 6.  remove push pin and assemble your pinwheel using the kit, or use push pin to make a hole an inch from the top of a straw, and insert brad into to the center of the pinwheel, and then through the straw and secure. This method will not create a spinning pinwheel, but it still looks cute.

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