Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to dress up. Whenever I ask my 5 year son what he wants to be for Halloween, he always picks something that can't be found in a store. I love this because it gives me another chance to make something. My favorite part of it all,  is trying to figure out what materials I will use. This year Aiden wanted to be Fantastic Mr. Fox. It is such a cool movie. My husband and I love Wes Anderson movies. Hardly anybody knew what the costume was, but he loved it. He got mistaken for a werewolf, a lion, and a bear. I think his ears could have been more pointy. 

Last Minute Leaf Mask

  Since I wasn't able to attend a Halloween party this year, I had not made myself a costume. But on the morning of Halloween, I felt sad to not be dressing up with the kids. Aiden had asked me to be a "Bug girl", but it was too late for me to run to the store. I searched for quick ideas online and found a leaf mask from Martha. I downloaded a mask template,  and traced it on to some construction paper.  The leaves were from my backyard. I hot glued them, added mod podge to stiffen them a little, and punched a hole in each side, where I pulled a ribbon through. Each piece was about 13 in. long, but a person with a normal size head, might want to make theirs longer. My husband likes to tease me about my peanut head! haha. You can find the leaf mask idea here, and the mask template here.

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